Web session time
This feature is important for your security. Here, you can select the preferred time when the webchat can be accessed, without logging in. Because your credit card will be connected to your account, the safest option is the default time, which is one hour. However, if you prefer convenience, you can select a day or even a week.

Here, you can select your preferred language. This can be a useful way to improve your Dutch after a few months ;)

The Daily is a message which you will receive every morning, if desired. You can decide what time you want to receive the message and which information it will contain, including appointments for the day, open requests, daily weather updates, news updates and a uTIP (which gives you inspiration for possible requests).

Payment options
At uButler, we work with a payment system called Stripe, which charges a fee of €0,29 for every iDeal payment, or 1-2% for every payment. Normally, this fee will be charged to you for every separate request which requires a payment. However, you can easily avoid this fee by using uButler credit. All payments made with uButler credit are free of charge. You pay only a one-time fee of €0,29 when adding uButler credit to your account, regardless of the amount you add.  

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