General information
There is an abundance of restaurants to choose from in Amsterdam, let alone the rest of the country. Reason enough to define some first useful customs, habits and know-about within the Dutch dining world! First of all, it is useful to determine what type of kitchen you are aiming for. The Netherlands, even Amsterdam, has many cultural influences. You can find all far corners of Europe back in the streets of Amsterdam. But even Egyptian, Indonesian, Surinam or Mexican places, for example, are well represented.

Back in the days, most Dutch people dined at 18:00 PM, but this became outdated over time. Nowadays people are used to dining around at 19:00, maybe 20:00 PM. And most restaurants are open until 22:00 PM. Tips are usually not included in the bill, fortunately. People are free to give any tips after dining or a drink. So do not feel burdened to give anything, especially after a short snack/meal or a couple of drinks. Of course, if the service was really well waiters will always be thankful when receiving a (minor) tip. 

Expected costs
Making the reservation for you is done within minutes. Of course, there are some highly exclusive restaurants which need to be booked days, sometimes weeks in advance. In those rare cases, we’ll let you know. This information can also be provided when you’re just like to orientate some more on what Amsterdam (or outside from that) has to offer. Prices range very much, depending on quality and popularity. Rough indications will come down to an average of 40 to 60 euros per person per dinner including drinks.

Sophie's favourite suppliers/options

  • Ron's Gastrobar oriëntal (centrum - dinner - luxe)

  • Buffet van Odette (centrum - dinner - normal)

  • Dikke Graaf (west - dinner - low entry)

  • Pazzi Clercqstraat (west - dinner - normal)

  • Louie Louie (oost - lunch/dinner - low entry)

  • De plantage (oost - lunch/dinner - normal)

  • Okura (pijp - lunch/dinner - luxe)

  • Renato's Osteria (pijp - dinner - normal)

  • Di Bruno  (zuid - dinner - luxe)

  • Carter (zuid - lunch/dinner - normal)

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