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We're Sam, Lukas, Michiel and Lou; a 'small' but dedicated software team at uButler. We have been asked to write quarterly updates on the technical developments within uButler, so here is the first one! To kick off: our first goal is to double the size of our team in the next half year, to increase the speed of development. Because our plans for improving the service for our clients are endless, we have to constantly consider what has priority. 

In the last three months we have been working hard to improve the systems that support Sophie 👧  in handling a request. The aim is to have a positive impact on:

  1. The speed of a processing; from the original request of a user to the delivered result. 

  2. The quality of the options that Sophie sends to the user.

  3. The quality of the result of a handling, after an option has been chosen by a user.

Handling plans

In order to work more uniformly and quickly, we have introduced 'handling plans'. These are dynamic step-by-step plans that become visible when Sophie is working on a certain handling. A step-by-step plan is linked to a verb-object combination. For example, 'book' + 'flight' has its own dynamic step-by-step plan. On the basis of a user's request, a handling plan is opened. This step-by-step plan adapts itself to dynamic variables such as time and place, but also to the personal preferences of the user asking the question. 

A whole team has been set up within uButler to create a large number of step-by-step plans and has been working on this for 6 months now, but ultimately our system itself will be able to decide what the next step in these 'dynamic handling plans' should be. 


As you probably have seen by now, we have a new website! It was initially designed by our designers, but eventually it has to be made functional by us. There are still a lot of plans for the website, but we will continue to develop the site step by step. The most important aspect of the website is that it is aimed at International hires/expats and is no longer a 'free' service for everyone.  


It's been around for a while; 'suggestions'. See it as to-do's, suggested by us. The purpose of these suggestions is to remind a user of the app of important to-do's during the year. These can be 'nice' to-do's, such as arranging a boat for King's Day, or practical ones such as evaluating your health insurance. When you activate your account manager program, you will also receive personal suggestions. The functionality of suggestions has been in the web chat for some time now, but will also be in the app this month! 

The next update will follow soon, on October 1, 2019! 🚀 


The uButler software team

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