The Netherlands has three large, traditional banks that hold 85% of the total capital: ING (41%), Rabobank (28%) and ABN Amro (16%). Among these three banks, Rabobank and ABN have a strong focus on international clients, with a dedicated department that is ready to assist you 24/7. Based on service quality, I would highly recommend one of these two banks.

In addition to the traditional banks, there are also smaller banks such as BNG Bank, ASN Bank, SNS Bank, NWB Bank and De Volksbank. There are even banks that operate completely online (with no physical locations), like Bunq. Every bank has its own character in terms of investment. Also, interest rates differ between normal and online banks.

Some banks offer specific support to international newcomers, such as ABN AMRO. With an internet bank, you must consider legal status and the guarantee in the Netherlands. Not all banks are protected by EU legislation with the corresponding financial guarantee. 

Expected costs

Most banks charge between €15,- and €35,- yearly for a regular checking account. Interest rates are currently pretty low—between 0,01% and 0,08% (except for some internet banks like Bunq: 0,27% for a yearly price of €95,88). Also, you are able to manage 25 different bank accounts for this price. 

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