Buying a car is one matter which requires careful attention and research. Perhaps one of the first choices to be made is whether you’d like to purchase a new or used car. New cars have the advantage of being safer, cleaner and more economical generally speaking. Used cars, on the other hand, are mostly cheaper, have a wide offer and often a short delivery time.

When buying a new car I would definitely recommend doing this at a recognized dealer or garage. A garage is a better option if you are unsure about what brand to buy. Make sure you always have a test drive before you buy a car.

Expected costs

As mentioned earlier the estimated cost of a car varies a lot. Average new cars will cost around €15.000,- to €30.000,-. Used cars start from €500,- roughly estimated. In case you’ll need (additional) financial resources, there are options to take out loans. There are mainly two different types. Either a personal loan with a fixed interest rate or a continuous credit with a variable interest rate. Let me know if I can provide you with more information on these matters.

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